Roopers has been undergoing some positive changes in local recycling that, although, might affect our hours in the short term, will be worth it in the long term.

For 30 years Roopers has contributed to Maine’s environment through the recycling of over a billion bottles and cans. Today, we continue to recycle and have even added cardboard into the mix.

Over the past ten years along with an increase of locations, so too does the amount we contribute to Maine’s ecological health. In 2022 Roopers will take measures to increase this number even more with the installation of two machines, the Tomra R1 and a Tomra T9. The only machines of their kind in the New England States. The machines will bring us to the next level of recycling maximizing the number of bottles we can accept for our Drink Up Drop Off Program as well as bottle drives and walk-ins. 

In order to prepare our facility, we have made the tough decision to close our redemption centers temporarily on Mondays and Tuesdays until further notice. This will give us the manpower we need until the machines arrive. We will be accepting drop-offs to all locations. For more information about how to drop off visit our Drink Up Drop Off-page. 

For additional questions about these changes or to speak with someone about participating in a bottle drive, hop on over to our Contact Us Page.